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Key Policy Highlights

UP Tourism Policy 2022

  • Capital Investment Subsidy
    Eligible Capital Investment (ECI) Subsidy percentage Ceiling Subsidy
    10 lakhs – Upto 10 crore 25% 2 crore
    Upto 50 crore 20% 7.5 crore
    Upto 200 crore 15% 20 crore
    Upto 500 crore 10% 25 crore
    More than 500 crore 10% 40 crore
    • Additional 5% subsidy for unserved destinations in Tier 2 or lower cities, women entrepreneurs and SC/ST/Backward classes, Focus Tourism Destinations (as notified by the Department)
    • Sum of all incentives capped at 30%
    • Land purchased (only the eligibile part) included in ECI
    • PPP projects can also avail incentives
  • Interest subsidy
    • 5% for a period of 5 years on a bank loan upto INR 5 crore
    • Unit can apply for either capital or interest subsidy
  • Industry status to hotels and resorts

    • House tax (Property tax) and Water sewerage tax levied at Industry rates. Electricity duty shall be charged as per industry rates.
    • Construction permitted in notified industrial areas
  • Stamp duty exemption @100% (1st Transaction)
  • Land Conversion and Development charges @100%
  • Employment Generation subsidy: 100% reimbursement of EPF expenditure for a period of 5 years
  • Specially-abled friendly units: Payroll assistance of INR 1500 per month per worker
  • Revival of scarce art & culture @ INR 5 lakh granted to an individual or group involved
  • Incentives for ICT Enablement
    • One time assistance of 25% of the cost of procuring equipment
    • 25% subsidy to promotional content using technology, AI and metaverse
    • Financial assistance for introduction of ICT in tourism
  • Support to Responsible Tourism:
    • 75% reimbursement of the cost of carrying out an energy audit
    • 20% reimbursement of capital cost of setting up a sewerage plant
    • 50% reimbursement of green certification fee
    • 100% reimbursement on achieving Responsible Tourism Society of India certifications
  • Assistance for research in travel/hospitality sector: Financial assistance to 5 projects to recognized travel associations, management institutes and hospitality bodies
  • Marketing and Promotion Assistance: 50% of the space rent – INR 30,000 per national event and INR 1 lakh per international event
  • Support for MICE activities: 50% reimbursement on cost of international conferences in accordance with the standards
  • Assistance for YUVA tourism: One-time grant of INR 10000 provided to youth clubs within government educational institutes
  • State Tourism Awards: Upto INR 1 lakh prize money to various tourism units
  • Special incentives for Heritage Hotels
    • 25% subsidy on capital cost without disturbing the architecture
    • Self-expenditure and loan considered as Eligible Capital Investment
    • 5% subsidy for a period of 5 years on a bank loan upto INR 5 crore
    • 100% exemption on stamp duty and land use conversion
    • 50% reimbursement on Excise license fees of first year
    • Offer signages along key routes and publicity and broadcasting
    • Avail both capital subsidy and interest subsidy
  • Allotment of Govt land:
    S.No. Category Minimum Land Area Maximum Land Area
    1 Budget Hotels (1,2,3 star/ hotels) 1200 sqm Upto 5000 sqm
    2 Hotels/ Wellness Centres/Eco-Tourism Stays (4 star
    and premium)
    6000 sqm Upto 15000 sqm
    3 Resorts / Theme Park 18000 sqm Upto 50000 sqm
    4 Other Tourism units As per requirement/
    • The allotment of such land shall be made on the prevailing DLC (District Level Committee) rate of the local area
    • Land made available under this policy cannot be used for any other purpose for atleast 30 years

Nodal Agency:Uttar Pradesh Tourism Departmen

Tourism Policy 2022 Government of Uttar Pradesh
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