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Who is an Udyami Mitra?

The Government of Uttar Pradesh launched the flagship Mukhya Mantri Udyami Mitra scheme in 2023 with the express vision of helping resolve the issues faced by investors. Udyami Mitras have been appointed in all the districts and Industrial Development Authorities spread across the state. These Udyami Mitras are professionally qualified individuals from diverse backgrounds who act as a bridge between investors and the state government. They not only play a crucial role in policy implementation but also facilitate expediting investment processes within a designated region.

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Invest UP Headquarters Lucknow

  • Kamta Prakash Singh
    +91 9151803935
  • Ankit Singh
    +91 9151803938
  • Amresh Kumar Chaubey
    +91 9151803941
  • Amit Pratap Singh
    +91 9151803912
  • Ayushi Singh
    +91 9151803918
  • Sahil Rai
  • Divya Tripathi
  • Pankaj Pal

Key responsibility/support provided by Udyami Mitra (UM)

  • Conducting site visits to industrial areas, identifying land banks and coordinating with District Administration, GM-DICs, and various industrial development authorities such as NOIDA, GNIDA, YEIDA, UPSIDA, UPEIDA, and GIDA for land parcel identification and resolving investors' queries.
  • Accompanying investors to select meetings within districts.
  • Handholding and regular follow-up with investors for daily query resolution
  • Attending and supporting investors in resolving issues through District Udyog Bandhu/ Steering Committee meetings
  • Regularly uploading investor issues and their current status on the Nivesh Sarathi Portal.
  • Collaborating with other INVEST UP teams like Nivesh Mitra, Incentive Monitoring Cell, and Facilitation Cell to provide comprehensive support to investors.
  • Handling grievances to address recurring issues and expedite investment plans or operational challenges in their region.

Key role specific to allotment

  • Ground verification of project sites for GBC Ready projects.
  • Providing necessary data to District/Local administration.
  • Facilitating monthly and bi-monthly Udyog Bandhu meetings.
  • Assisting investors with filing new intents, obtaining LOC/NOC, and resolving queries on Nivesh Sarathi & Nivesh Mitra Portals.
  • Responding to letters from Invest UP.
  • Facilitating MoUs, map approvals, and e-auctions for respective IDAs.
  • Offering day-to-day support in various committees and delegations and assisting in events organized by Infrastructure & Industrial Development Department.