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UP Warehousing & Logistics Policy 2022

Eligibility Criteria:

Type of Project

Minimum Investment

Minimum Size


Logistics Parks

25 Acres

Truckers Parks

10 Acres

Storage Facilities

Warehousing facility

INR 20 Crores

1 lakh sq. ft.


INR 30 Crores

4 acres

Cold chain facility

INR 15 Crores

20,000 sq. ft.

Dry ports

Container Freight Station (CFS) or Inland Container Depot (ICD)

INR 50 Crores

10 Acres

Cargo Terminals (Type A)

Projects approved under GoI GCT Scheme 2021

Cargo Terminals (Type B)

INR 20 Crores

10 acres

Other Facilities

Berthing Terminals

INR 20 Crores

Minimum Capacity of atleast 5000 tons

Inland Vessels

Minimum Capacity of atleast 500 tons

Front end subsidies

Incentives offered to eligible projects before commencement of commercial operations.

  • Stamp duty exemption
    • Storage facilities: @100% in Bundelkhand, Purvanchal, @75% in Madhyanchal & Paschimanchal (except GBN, GHZ) and 50% in GBN & GHZ
    • Dry ports, Logistics parks & Truckers Park: 100%
  • Concession of land use conversion for all eligible projects @75%
  • Exemption of Development Charges for all eligible projects @75%
  • Ground Coverage
    • Storage facilities & Dry ports: upto 60%
    • Logistics Park: overall ground coverage of 60%


Back end subsidies

Incentives offered to eligible projects on commencement of commercial operations.

  • Capital Subsidy:
    • Storage facilities: @15% upto INR 5 Cr anywhere in UP and upto INR 10 Cr in designated Logistics Zones
    • Dry ports & Logistics Parks: @25% upto INR 25 Cr anywhere in UP & upto INR 50 Cr in designated Logistics Zones
    • Berthing Terminal: @25% upto INR 15 Cr subject to max 6 terminals
    • Cargo Terminals (GCT approved, non-approved each): @20% upto INR 15 Cr
  • Land provided on PPP basis for 35years BOOT model to developers of Cargo/ Berthing Terminals
  • Electricity Duty Exemption @100% for 10years
  • Quality certification cost reimbursement for storage facilities upto INR 5 lakh per project
  • Purchase subsidy for Inland Vessels @25% upto INR 5 Cr subject to max. 50 vessels
  • Skill development subsidy


Other benefits

  • Industry status granted to units defined in terms of land use. No need for land use change from commercial to industrial. Also, Industrial FAR is applied to such projects. Additionally, industrial land rates are applied to such projects for land allotment in areas reserved for industrial activity in industrial areas
  • Fast track land allotment :
    • Eligibility: Logistics Parks as defined in this policy with minimum Capital Investment of INR 500 Crores
    • In industrial areas where direct land allotment is allowed, the concerned IDA will directly allot the plot in favour of investor. In case of multiple application, highest investor will be allotted.
    • In Industrial areas where land is allotted through auction, land will be allotted directly at Base rate of the Plot + additional 15% of the base rate. In case of multiple application, highest investor will be allotted.
    • In areas outside any IDA/ DA or Urban Local body, State to acquire land 1.25 times of that required by eligible unit so that a minimum of 4 more industrial/ logistics units can be set up in the additional land so acquired and a logistics cluster can be developed
  • Designated Logistics Zones: Strategic areas in proximity to key infrastructure projects such as in WDFC-EDFC, Expressways, Jewar Airport, etc will be notified. Addtl incentives proposed for investing in such zones


Nodal Agency: Uttar Pradesh State Industrial Development Authority (UPSIDA)


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