Bio-Energy Enterprises Promotion Programme 2018

Key Policy Objectives


  • Establish eco-friendly economic development based on biofuel in the State
  • Establish three Mega investment unit in the State
  • Attract investment in the sector
  • Creation of new job opportunities in the State

Key policy highlights

  • Capital Subsidy@ 25% for units investing upto INR 10 Cr @20% for units investing more than INR 10 Cr and upto 100 Cr
  • Stamp Duty@100% exemption from Stamp Duty
  • SGST Subsidy@100% SGST reimbursement for 10 years
  • Case to Case Incentives @ for units investing more than INR 100 Cr reimbursement of 15% for project cost or INR 150 Cr whichever is lesser

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