U.P. Solar Energy Policy 2017

Key Policy Objectives


  • Encourage participation of Private Sector and provide investment opportunities to set up solar power projects in the state
  • Support in providing environment friendly and affordable Power for All
  • Promote Research &Development, innovations and skill development in the State
  • Achieve target of 8% Solar Renewable Purchase Obligation (Solar RPO) by 2022

Key policy highlights

  • Electricity Duty@100% exemption from electricity duty for 10 years
  • Stamp Duty@100% exemption on chargeable stamp duty
  • Solar Park : State offer to purchase 100% power generated from solar park
  • Exemptions for Large Scale Stand – alone solar projects:
    • @ 50% exemption on wheeling charges/transmission charges on intrastate sale of power to third party or in case of captive use
    • @ 100% exemption from cross subsidy surcharge and wheeling charges /transmission charges on interstate sale of solar power
  • Subsidy for Grid Connected Rooftop Solar PV Plants@ Rs. 15000/KW to the maximum limit of subsidy or Rs. 30000/KW per consumer on first come first serve basis for the first 100 MW applications submitted online to UPNEDA
  • Subsidy for Mini Grid@ 30% subsidy for the project to be installed in villages/Majras identified by UPNEDA/State Government by the state government

Download Policy Document (English Language)