U.P. Film Policy 2018

Key Policy Objectives


  • Establish Uttar Pradesh as the preferred destination for film industry
  • Showcase the heritage, culture and tourist destinations of the State to attract more tourist
  • Attract more investment in the state
  • Create more employment opportunities in the state

Key policy highlights

  • SGST reimbursement@100% to multiplex/Cinema hall owner
  • Subsidy for films@INR 1 Cr for films which have been shot for at least a half of its total shooting days in Uttar Pradesh @upto INR 2 Cr for the film with two-third of its total shooting days are in Uttar Pradesh
  • Additional Subsidy@ upto INR 25,00,000 will be provided to cast atleast 5 artists from UP @ upto INR 50,00,000 will be provided in case all the artists hail from UP
  • Processing Subsidy@ 50% of the processing cost or INR 50, 00, 000, whichever is less is granted if any film producer, shoots and processes the film in the state
  • Subsidy for setting up Film institute@50% of its cost or a maximum of INR 50 lakh, whichever is less, will be provided(excluding Noida/ Greater Noida)

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