U.P. Handlooms, Powerlooms, Silk, Textile & Garmenting Policy 2017

Key Policy Objectives


  • Attract investment for creating new job opportunities
  • Promote Make in India and meet domestic demand for textiles
  • Promote development of textile industry in backward areas
  • Ensure rapid availability of skilled labour in Textile industry

Key policy highlights

  • Land Subsidy @50% of land cost (30% in GB Nagar district) on land purchase from State Agencies
  • Stamp Duty exemption @100% (75% in GB Nagar district)
  • SGST refund for 10years @90% to MSME units, @80% to Mega units
  • Electricity Duty exemption @100% to new units for 10 years
  • Capital Investment Subsidy @25% for plant and machinery based on investment
  • Interest Subsidy @7% upto Rs 1.5 cr (upto Rs 75 lacs for GB Nagar) for 7 years for procurement under TUFS
  • Infrastructure Interest Subsidy@5% upto Rs 1 cr for 5 years per unit for developing infrastructural amenities
  • Quality Development Subsidy@ 5% upto Rs 1 cr for 5 years per lab for research and quality improvement
  • EPF reimbursement for 5 years to new unit @50% with min 100 workers & @60% with min 200 workers Special Incentives for Textile Parks
  • Stamp duty exemption @100% to developer (except in GB Nagar district), and @50% to first buyer of plot/unit
  • Interest Subsidy @50% on purchase of land for 7 years upto Rs 50 Cr; and @60% for 7 years for construction of staff-quarters, hostel/dormitory.

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