U.P. Tourism Policy 2018

Key Policy Objectives


  • Become most preferred tourist destination in India by 2023
  • Attract investments with a target of INR 5,000 Crore per year
  • Target to provide employment to approximately 5,00,000 people per year
  • Target to impart training to 10,000 tourism service providers, over the next five years
  • Elevate the standards of public service facilities across the state and provide high quality visitor experience

Key policy highlights

  • Capital Investment Subsidy
    • @15% to New Hotels/Resorts upto Rs 10 Cr
    • @15% to Wellness Centres upto Rs 10 Cr
    • @10% to New Sports resort upto Rs 1 Cr
    • @15% to New Budget Hotels upto Rs 1.5 Cr
    • @20% to New Tented accommodation upto Rs 50 lacs
    • @25% to New heritage properties upto Rs 1.5 Cr (To know about more categories refer to full policy)
  • Interest Subsidy @5% for 5 years upto Rs 25 lacs per annum to all new units
  • Stamp Duty exemption @100% on sale/lease/transfer for the first transaction
  • Conversion and Development charges waiver @ 100% to all tourism units
  • Skill Development Subsidy @100% reimbursement of hospitality related course fees for upto Rs 10000 per person and subsidy of INR
  • 5 lakh individual/group in reviving the indigenous and scarce art, music, folk dance, craft and cuisine
  • Excise License Fee exemption @100% exemption to Heritage hotels set up in rural areas

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